Never Tilt at the slot hoki Craps Table

I learned a valuable lesson at the Paragon Casino this weekend. Actually, it’d be more appropriate to call it an expensive lesson. Either way, it’s one I’ll never forget.
It started well enough, when I checked into an outstanding room. My contact at the casino sure does know how to make someone feel comfortable. I didn’t think it’d matter much because I didn’t plan on spending much time there.
I wish I had spent more time there…
Session #1: Saturday Afternoon
I got seated a little bit before 3pm. I was at a table without an automatic shuffler so it moved a little more slowly than I was used to, but I didn’t mind. I bought in for $100 and settled in for a long session.
Things didn’t go so well. I lost the first hand I got invovled in, and never again approached the $100 level. For the most part, I hovered around $40-$60 until I finally busted out.
Did I play poorly? Yeah, I’m sure I did. I was really playing with the casino’s money. In the three trips I’ve made, I was up close to $2000. That’s including the $1500 from the bad beat jackpot. So maybe I was a little cavalier with the money. I made loose slot hoki calls and bad reads and the money just evaporated.
Even when I made good plays, however, I often saw my hopes float down the river. Every set I flopped fell to a flush. Every flush I found floundered to a full house. I couldn’t catch a break. When I chased the flush, it never came. I don’t want to blame the cards alone, however, because it takes a lot of bad plays to lose as quickly as I did.
At that point, I did what I thought …