Diamond Painting

Frame Your Painting Properly

With most paintings or pictures, it is pretty simple to frame them – you just remove the back of the frame, slip the picture or painting in, make sure it’s straight, reattach the back of the frame, and hang the framed picture or painting on the wall. Framing diamond paintings are a little bit more complicated, but well worth the effort in the end when you are able to stand back and admire your sparkly masterpiece.

First, you do not want any glass in your frame. Most frames will come with a sheet of glass to protect your picture from exposure; however, for diamond paintings, this glass will only detract from your painting’s natural ability to sparkle. What this situation means is that, once you have framed your painting and hung it on the wall, you will likely need to gently clean the painting itself as it accumulates dust over time, as opposed to simply wiping down the glass for a normally framed painting. Again, this little bit of work will pay off in the long run when your painting glimmers from afar and catches everyone’s eye.

So, you have your frame, and you have removed the glass component in Diamond Art and set it aside for another purpose. Take your diamond painting canvas and gently insert it into the frame. It is likely that the canvas will likely be a little larger than the frame itself, as larger canvases give diamond painters more leverage to work with. Simply take the excess edges of the canvas and fold them down over the back of the canvas so that they are not visible from the front. Replace the frame’s backing, and you are ready to hang your finished masterpiece on the wall!

As mentioned above, your diamond painting will probably require …