Poker Refugees Relocating American Poker Players

Poker Refugees: this small start-up, run by MBA and former pro surfer Kristen Wilson, relocates American pinup online poker players outside the reach of Uncle Sam, to enable careers in online poker. Poker Refugees helps find apartments, set up bank accounts, and find a reliable broadband connection to play on. All of this for $1,000 a person.
Matthew Stout and Joey Cappuccio just moved into their new apartment in San Jose, Costa Rica. The two have been friends for Joo casino free spins ages, and used to live in New Jersey until just recently. Stout and Cappuccio have left the United States for just one reason: Black Friday. Since April 15, 2011, when the Justice Department and the FBI shut down the American markets of the largest online poker sites in the world, players everywhere have considered moving abroad. These two have made it a reality.
Since September, when Stout and Cappuccio completed their move, the two have hardly left their apartment. Except for the off grocery run here and there, the two poker grinders enjoy the comforts of their apartment as they work the online felt. crypto gambling Was $1,000 a head worth it? Both believe it was. Since 2006, Stout has pulled in $1 million and Cappuccio about $500,000 from online poker. For that kind of paycheck, a $1,000 relocation fee just made sense. “Without Wilson, we wouldn’t have been online in time for the [PokerStars] World Championship,” Stout said. “I would have just been here banging my head against a wall.”
Wilson’s business, Poker Refugees, has relocated 14 Americans and received interest from more than 100 other players. Matt Plecki, a 21 year-old chemical engineering major at USC California, left his classes to pursue his poker career. He believes that, “If you’re an actual professional player, you’re …

World’s Best In Aussie Millions $100k Challenge

Over the weekend, the poker togel  gathered together for one of the most enticing tournaments held anywhere in the world. The $100,000 challenge asked the world’s very best players to put up one hundred thousands Australian Dollars to compete against each other in an elite tournament. Only 24 players could afford to enter, including the likes of Barry Greenstein, Tony G, Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer, Erick Lindgren, David Steicke, Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, and Jonathan Karamalikis. This was another of the Aussie Million’s uniquely structured tournaments, with the game switching between PLHE and NLHE pre and post flop. Players only had 30 seconds to make each decision and were armed with two time extension chips to give themselves some emergency thinking time. Just 5 players would cash, but with $1.2 million on offer for first place the prizes were well worth winning.

Going into the final table, the chipstacks were as follows:

Seat 1: Bill Jordanou – 195,000

Seat 2: Phil Ivey – 328,000

Seat 3: Tony Bloom – 227,000

Seat 4: Jonathan Karamalikis – 508,000

Seat 5: Howard Lederer – 141,000

Seat 6: Dan Shak – 453,000

Seat 7: Tony G – 200,000

Seat 8: Barry Greenstein – 388,000

The Professor, Howard Lederer, had barely warmed his seat before he was walking to the rail. All in with A-10 against Tony G’s A-A left him with little hope, which the board did nothing to aid. Jonathan Karamalikis demonstrated that he is skilled enough to compete with the best in the game, but made the elementary error of doubling up the indomitable Phil Ivey. Shortly after, he failed to win a coin flip and exited the event in 7th place. With just one place to go until the money, it was left to the Robin Hood of Poker, Barry Greenstein, …

Man Sues Harrah’s Casino Over Ban

Card counting is in the news again. A togel hongkong hari ini player in Las Vegas is suing Harrah’s Entertainment over the company banning him from their hotels. The man, Steven Silverstein, stated in his suit that Nevada law does not allow Harrah’s to deny him access to their casinos.


Back in September, Silverstein was playing blackjack at Paris Las Vegas, which is owned by Harrah’s, and was told to cash out and leave the casino. He was also told by the casino manager that they did not want him to return to that casino or any of Harrah’s casinos. He said that if Silverstein did try to return to the casino, he would be arrested.


Banning players for counting cards is nothing new. Though card counting without an external device is not illegal, the casinos do not like it and if they catch you doing it, you will be asked to leave and may be banned from returning as well. Recently, blackjack card counters have been fighting back by challenging the legality of those bans. There is no consensus about who is in the right.


Card counters say that the casinos have no right to deny them access simply because they count cards, since it’s not illegal. Others say that since the casinos are private businesses, they have the right to ban anyone they want from their establishments.


The courts have been inconsistent in their rulings so far, such as in a similar case in Indiana. In that state, a man who was banned for counting cards sued the casino. The court in that case ruled in favor of the casino, upholding their right to ban customers. The player then appealed and the appellate court ruled in favor of the card counter. The casino then …

Review of The Casino Answer Book

I believe that one of the most appealing aspects of casino gambling is the mystery that surrounds it. I also believe that the reason for mysteries is so that one might understand them. In The Casino Answer Book, syndicated columnist John Grochowski tries to answer some of these mysteries, specifically about blackjack, video poker, and roulette.

The book contains about twenty chapters which can be divided into three sections, each of which covers one of the casino games mentioned above. Each chapter is a multiple-choice quiz with 20 or so questions on the specific topic. The reader is invited to test their knowledge of these casino games by taking the quiz and reading the detailed answers as they go along.

The material Grochowski presents on these games is accurate. Occasionally, I find it to stray close to being misleading, for example in the blackjack card counting section or information about betting progressions in roulette. However, even in controversial sections the author’s claims are factually on target and Grochowski is never disingenuous, although the subtitle for the book, “How to Overcome the House Advantage When You Play Blackjack, Video Poker & Roulette” walks awfully close to this line.

At the same time, no really deep mysteries are revealed either. Frankly, the vast majority of the material in this book can be found in the first part of Steve Bourie’s excellent annual series, American Casino Guide, and that which can’t is explained in more detail in many other Slot Gacor books, like Dan Paymar’s Video Poker: Optimum Slot Gacor Play or Stanford Wong’s Blackjack Secrets. The casino novice, or the casino regular who has had their head in the sand, might come to learn a significant amount from this book, but once one has breached the threshold of being willing to study …

Diamond Painting

Frame Your Painting Properly

With most paintings or pictures, it is pretty simple to frame them – you just remove the back of the frame, slip the picture or painting in, make sure it’s straight, reattach the back of the frame, and hang the framed picture or painting on the wall. Framing diamond paintings are a little bit more complicated, but well worth the effort in the end when you are able to stand back and admire your sparkly masterpiece.

First, you do not want any glass in your frame. Most frames will come with a sheet of glass to protect your picture from exposure; however, for diamond paintings, this glass will only detract from your painting’s natural ability to sparkle. What this situation means is that, once you have framed your painting and hung it on the wall, you will likely need to gently clean the painting itself as it accumulates dust over time, as opposed to simply wiping down the glass for a normally framed painting. Again, this little bit of work will pay off in the long run when your painting glimmers from afar and catches everyone’s eye.

So, you have your frame, and you have removed the glass component in Diamond Art and set it aside for another purpose. Take your diamond painting canvas and gently insert it into the frame. It is likely that the canvas will likely be a little larger than the frame itself, as larger canvases give diamond painters more leverage to work with. Simply take the excess edges of the canvas and fold them down over the back of the canvas so that they are not visible from the front. Replace the frame’s backing, and you are ready to hang your finished masterpiece on the wall!

As mentioned above, your diamond painting will probably require …

Translation Company UK

Writing and translating technical automotive documentation at Translation Company UK

My name is Christian Vandersmissen. I’ve been a technical automotive translator for 27 years. My company is called I’m going to talk about my experience and share some thoughts about my work.

I’ll be addressing the subject of writing and translating technical manuals for land motor vehicles. Manuals are mainly meant for workshops and garages (for mechanics and repairmen) and they make up a large volume of my work. The types of vehicles are varied: passenger car, vans, trucks, motorcycles, and agricultural, construction, industrial, and special vehicles.


Vehicles are described and illustrated in detail in the manufacturers’ documentation. Manuals explain how vehicles run, how to dissemble them, what breakdowns could occur, what possible repairs may be needed, how to maintain them, etc. These manuals may be thousands of pages long and hundreds of thousands of words long, per model and per brand. The texts repeat themselves from one year to another since much of the information remains the same. IT professionals have created software that enables us to automatically recover anything that could be useful in a manual’s future versions (before we had to manually copy and paste the repetitions).

Manuals are increasingly more available online and are decreasingly printed out. Nevertheless it is possible to reduce the volume even more and therefore the writing expenses and so on. The countless comments, safety warnings, as well as redundant or superfluous explanations (readers are competent) could be normalized and put together in a special chapter, like the terms and conditions we tick when we make Internet purchases (of course without reading them!).

An even more important point is about the source language of technical writers. Motor vehicle manufacturers are mainly American and British (so they use English); Japanese, Korean and Chinese (they also write in English); German, Italian, Russian …

Unique Casino

Omaha Is Not Texas Hold’em


Texas Hold’emby Bill Burton

The recent surge in the popularity of poker has had a rippling effect. While many new players are joining the game, many experienced players are trying their hand at new games. Some limit Hold’em players are branching out to play No Limit Hold’em and quite a few of them are trying the game of Omaha.Their downfall is that they think they can win at Omaha using Texas Hold’em Strategy.

Omaha may look like Hold’em because it is played with five community cards but that is where the similarities end. In Hold’em you can use any five card combination. In Omaha you Must use two card from your hand and three cards from the board.

Stating Hands

In Omaha you get four personal cards instead of two. Some players may think that this gives them double the starting hand combinations but in reality with four cards you have six possible two card combinations. You have four cards ABCD The combinations are AB CD AC BD AD BC.

With all these starting combinations, Hold’em players think that this gives them reason more hands. You have to remember that each of the other players also has 6 two card starting combinations so in a ten handed game you have 6 combinations but your opponents have 54 amongst them. You actually need to be more selective.

Starting hands need to be coordinated. This means that the four cards should work together such as having a straight possibility that may wrap around the flop. Double suited hands that contain aces are good for the nut flush however three or four cards of the same suit is a garbage hand in most instances as you diminish your flush possibilities.

Big Pairs Rarely Win

One of the biggest mistakes I see is …

Pengeluaran HK

Dimana ada asap pasti ada api di Togel Hongkong

Perjudian online adalah industri yang berkembang pesat – mungkin sektor Internet yang tumbuh paling cepat. Dengan pendapatan diproyeksikan menjadi lebih dari $3 miliar pada tahun 2001, masuk akal bahwa pengusaha akan tertarik pada jenis bisnis ini.

Tapi dengan ledakan datang beberapa ledakan. Sebuah wawancara radio baru-baru ini di mengungkapkan sisi kumuh perjudian online – seorang programmer yang merancang produk yang menipu para penjudi dari uang mereka.

Sang programmer bernama Alexander mengungkapkan bahwa dialah pencipta software yang digunakan oleh sebuah kasino  game online, Asurebet. Bekerja sama dengan seseorang bernama Jorge (atau George), segera menjadi jelas baginya bahwa dia diminta untuk memasang perangkat lunak untuk menghasilkan pengembalian yang lebih tinggi untuk investasi yang lebih rendah.

Perangkat lunak ini dicurangi untuk menjaga agar jackpot dan hasil pembayaran tinggi lainnya tidak terjadi. Misalnya, jika Anda bermain  video poker, Anda tidak akan pernah mendapatkan royal flush – karena perangkat lunak akan mendeteksi kombinasi itu dan menggantinya dengan tangan lain.

Selain itu, setelah Alexander dipaksa keluar dari Pengeluaran HK perusahaan, yang disebut Clockmedia, Jorge meminta pemrogramnya memprogram ulang permainan untuk memastikan pengembalian yang lebih tinggi ke kasino – dalam satu kasus, permainan blackjack eksposur ganda tampaknya menguntungkan pemain – jadi pemrogram menulis ulang kode untuk memberi pemilik kasino keuntungan yang tidak adil.

Setidaknya satu operator kasino kemudian membeli perangkat lunak, diduga menyadari bahwa permainan itu dicurangi.

Ini bukan penipuan pertama yang dilakukan di industri game online. Salah satu kasino paling awal, Casino Royale, dirancang oleh pemiliknya untuk menuai keuntungan yang tidak adil atas para penjudi. Selain itu, pemilik dan operatornya beroperasi secara ilegal di luar California.

Selama industri game online terus kekurangan regulasi dan undang-undang oleh negara-negara besar seperti AS, penipuan ini kemungkinan akan terus berlanjut.

Itu tidak berarti bahwa kasino di Internet adalah penipuan. Faktanya, tidak ada yang bisa lebih jauh dari kebenaran.

Ada …

Crypto Gambling

Major VC-Backed South Korean Exchange Launches Ripple Support for Crypto Gambling

Korbit, one of the three leading South Korean bitcoin exchanges alongside Bithumb and Coinone, has officially integrated support for Ripple trading.


In an email to its customers and traders, the Korbit team wrote:




Over the past three years, Korbit secured $3.6 million in investment from South Korea’s most prominent investment firms and conglomerates including the $17 billion telecommunications giant SK Telecom, the South Korean arm of the Japanese investment company Softbank, and billionaire angel investor Tim Draper.


Although Korbit currently falls behind Coinhumb in terms of user base and market capitalization, it has a significant influence over the South Korean bitcoin industry and exchange market due to its strong line up of investors and supporters. Thus, the validation of Ripple by the Korbit team is likely to trigger a rise in demand toward Ripple in the South Korean exchange market, which already is the second and third largest market in the global Ethereum and Bitcoin exchange markets.


On May 11, Koji Higashi, the project leader of ORB and co-founder of IndieSquare, released an analytical blog post entitled “New wave of Japanese investors are fueling the great altcoin bubble.” In it, Higashi explicitly described the explosive growth of Ripple in the Japanese exchange market and his concerns over the decision of casual and beginner traders to invest in altcoins such as Ripple and NEM without obtaining actual knowledge in the purpose, structure and philosophy of the abovementioned altcoins.


Higashi emphasized that the vast majority of traders are relying on exchanges’ chatrooms to receive investment advice, …