Never Tilt at the slot hoki Craps Table

I learned a valuable lesson at the Paragon Casino this weekend. Actually, it’d be more appropriate to call it an expensive lesson. Either way, it’s one I’ll never forget.
It started well enough, when I checked into an outstanding room. My contact at the casino sure does know how to make someone feel comfortable. I didn’t think it’d matter much because I didn’t plan on spending much time there.
I wish I had spent more time there…
Session #1: Saturday Afternoon
I got seated a little bit before 3pm. I was at a table without an automatic shuffler so it moved a little more slowly than I was used to, but I didn’t mind. I bought in for $100 and settled in for a long session.
Things didn’t go so well. I lost the first hand I got invovled in, and never again approached the $100 level. For the most part, I hovered around $40-$60 until I finally busted out.
Did I play poorly? Yeah, I’m sure I did. I was really playing with the casino’s money. In the three trips I’ve made, I was up close to $2000. That’s including the $1500 from the bad beat jackpot. So maybe I was a little cavalier with the money. I made loose slot hoki calls and bad reads and the money just evaporated.
Even when I made good plays, however, I often saw my hopes float down the river. Every set I flopped fell to a flush. Every flush I found floundered to a full house. I couldn’t catch a break. When I chased the flush, it never came. I don’t want to blame the cards alone, however, because it takes a lot of bad plays to lose as quickly as I did.
At that point, I did what I thought …

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A Perfect Pair: Betfair Poker Teams with Amateur Poker Association and Tour

Betfair, one of the largest and most well respected gaming establishments in the world, has joined forces with the Amateur situs slot deposit pulsa Association and Tournament. Now, on the cusp of an APAT season which will feature 28 live events across Ireland, the UK and the European mainland, Betfair has become the exclusive host for the organization’s online qualifying tournaments.
This will be the fourth go-around for the APAT, who have grown exponentially over their first three seasons. The company’s Managing Director, Des Duffy, had this to say:
“APAT launched the UK’s first national poker tour in 2006 and it has become a proving ground for new and developing players, with members winning WSOP, EPT and GUKPT titles, amongst many others. This partnership with Betfair Poker brings a well-known and respected brand to APAT, as well as a tremendous amount of additional value and opportunity for our members”.
The pairing of these two great organizations has already born fruit, yielding a bounty of benefits for its members. In total, 23 APAT seats will be up for grabs through events at Betfair Poker. This comes in addition to the 33 GUKPT spots already announced. Betfair has also put up the cash for two ₤20,000 sponsorship packages for 2011. One will be given to the tour’s top pro at the close of the season, while the other will be bestowed on 2010′s top armature. For a full schedule of events, see the list at the end of this article.
On top of their new partnership, Betfair is offering a bevy of exciting new events. Foremost among these is their innovative 1-X-2 Footie Special, which bring together two of the most universal games on the planet: football and poker. On selected days, Betfair will pick a particular televised football match, and create …

Halloween and Your Skin

With Halloween upon us, adults and children alike are planning costumes for parties, school events and trick or treating. For some adults, it is the one time of year that “the inner child” comes out to play. Costumes, make-up and funny shoes are all fun to put on, but there are some things to consider so that your skin and your health are not affected.

Here are some Halloween Skin Health Precautions:

The pumpkin is on the table, your kids are asking for spooky eyes and a silly mouth to be carved and oops, the knife slips and cuts your hand. Just one Halloween scenario which can result in an injury or even a trip to emergency. Don’t forget tripping on your costume and scraping your knee. Click on to learn more about treating cuts and scrapes.

Wearing a scary mask to your party? Be careful of reactions to latex. If you have latex allergies or sensitive skin, your face may react to the latex rubber. Try hypo-allergenic face make-up instead. Read more about latex allergies at You can also learn about “what are the best facial fillers“, click here


Do you really think gluing that beard on is a good idea? Think again. Reactions to the “special” glue (even though it says it is safe to use on your face) can results in blemishes, rashes and even damage to your skin. And definitely, never put glue near your delicate eye area!

Using make-up is often an integral part of your Halloween costume, but it can often cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. So try these hints:

a. Try the product BEFORE Halloween, to ensure that you don’t react to it.…


Welcome to Acroplane – Ireland’s best free netlabel. All music on Acroplane is available for free download. Feedback on our forum and myspace is welcome! We release new music fortnightly, so be sure to pop by regularly.…

Acroplane at earlabs

– Review Acroplane at!

We’ve added a ‘review release’ button under most of our recent releases in the releases section. Feel free to let us know your thoughts about our music. Be reasonable tho 😉 Your reviews will be published in this section of

– Diston events close..but Acroplane label shows will happen!

Yes, sadly Diston had to come to an end. Many thanks to everyone who was involved over the years, from punters to performers. But! I plan to run some Acroplane label shows in the new year, so watch this space.

– Acroplane mix featured on Electronic Explorations Net-Label Special

You can now get a mix wot i done for Rob Booth’s fantastic Electronic Explorations show. On the same podcast are mixes from 3 other superb Net-Labels; Brighton’s ‘Net-Lab’, Lithuania’s ‘Sutemos’ and the new American Net-Label, ‘Them Records’. Cheers to Rob for including us. The man’s got taste 😉 Grab the podcast here

If you like the music, please help us to spread it far and wide by giving it to your friends. If you don’t have any friends, just play it really loud so your neighbours can hear.

Ebola – Brodmann Area

ACP026: Ebola – Brodmann Area


Some wonderfully weird Techno, Dancehall, Ambience, Dubstep and Noise from Wrong Music co-founder Ebola. For more info, and to grab the full EP for free, head to the releases section

– ACP025: Tidy Kid – Performance Fragments

Concept driven sound projects from New York’s Tidy Kid, which urge your views to push through modern trends. It currently sounds a bit like electronica. For more info, and to grab the full EP for free, head to the releases section

– ACP024: RL/VL – Tardypoints

An Ambient/Lo-Fi EP from Belfast’s RL/VL. At only 18 years of age he has already amassed a respectable catalogue, with releases on labels such as Hidden Shoal, Sounds Asleep and now Acroplane. You can also expect a more beat driven 2nd release on Acroplane fairly soon, but for now we think that this little ambient workout works as a nice precursor to it. For more info, and to grab the full EP for free, head to the releases section

– ACP023: Automatic Tasty – Sine Language

‘Sine Language’, Automatic Tasty’s debut seven track E.P., is presented here for your listening pleasure, re-mastered with precision & care from the original wax cylinders, & now available in high audio fidelity. For more info, and to grab the full EP for free, head to the releases section

– ACP022: Lakker – Ruido Remixes

LAKKER are Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith, who make everything from abstract glitchiness to rampaging gabba using only a couple of laptops, the occasional microphone and their considerable musical smarts. Their debut Acroplane EP is a collection of ambient remixes of tracks from their recent longplayer, ‘Ruido’. For more info, and to grab the full EP for free, head to the releases section…