MGM MIRAGE Reports Third Quarter Results for Sg Online Casino



MGM MIRAGE today reported earnings before nonrecurring expenses of 19 cents per diluted share for the 2001 third quarter, compared with 45 cents per diluted share in the 2000 quarter. Consolidated net revenue was down 5.3% to $993 million in the 2001 quarter compared with $1.05 billion in the comparable 2000 quarter. For the three months ended September 30, 2001, operating cash flow (“EBITDA”) was $236.5 million when compared with $336 million in the prior year’s quarter. Net income before nonrecurring expenses during the 2001 quarter was $30.1 million compared with $73.2 million in the prior year’s quarter.


These results reflect a substantial decline in business volumes at the Company’s hotel and casino resorts immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Company’s hotels on the Las Vegas Strip averaged an unprecedented low 64% occupancy level from September 11th through September 30th. This reduction in customer traffic also resulted in lower casino, food and beverage and retail revenue. Mid-week occupancy levels have now significantly improved, and weekend occupancy has nearly returned to pre-attack levels, albeit at reduced rates. Accordingly, casino and non-casino revenue continue to rebound.


“Prior to the events of September 11th, our Company was on track to achieve another strong quarterly operating performance. Obviously the result of the terrorist attacks had a profound impact on the hotel and travel industry and our business,” said Terry Lanni, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MGM MIRAGE. “Our management team undertook a detailed analysis of our current operations in terms of the impact of September 11th. To respond to these historic challenges, we implemented cost containment strategies which included a significant reduction in payroll and a refocusing of several of our marketing programs. The objective of this approach is to rebuild revenue and profitability in …

Pengeluaran SGP


The Sommer Family Trust signed over the bulk of its 57 percent interest in

the financially troubled Aladdin early Tuesday in London, paving the way for

the sale of the megaresort or the addition of new investors.


The deal, which saw no money change hands, would give Aladdin co-owner

London Clubs International control of 85 percent of the Aladdin.

Nevada gaming regulators and bankers for the two companies must approve

the transaction.


“They’re in a better position to negotiate with other parties,” said Luke

Morton, a British public relations executive who represents London Clubs.

“Obviously, they’ve got more of a holding to dispose of. Yes, it streamlines

the process.”


London Clubs, which owned 40 percent of Aladdin Gaming, received the bulk

of the family trust’s Aladdin interest in return for the $199 million the

British company had already sunk into the 11-month-old hotel-casino.

The Aladdin has struggled as a standalone hotel-casino on a Strip

dominated by multiproperty companies that possess deep customer lists and

lucrative cross-marketing opportunities.


The on-again, off-again deal was struck at about 4 a.m. London time, with

momentum for the transaction increasing “very rapidly” during the last few

days, Morton said.


London Clubs  Pengeluaran SGP and Sommer Trust were facing an early morning deadline, which

saw them file the British company’s yearly financial statement with the

London Stock Exchange.


The change of ownership was revealed in that document.

“This equity restructuring will enable LCI to pursue discussions with third

parties who have expressed interest in the Aladdin project and should enable

us to significantly reduce our existing level of investment,” according to

the filings.


The transaction followed the Monday resignation of London Clubs Chairman

Alan Goodenough, who shepherded the company’s investment in the Aladdin and

its entry into the Las …

judi online 24 jam

Memainkan Permainan Judi Slot Online Dan Meraih Kemenangan


Permainan judi slot online yang merupakan permainan judi paling mudah ini memang sangat membantu para pemain sekalian untuk bisa meraih keuntungan yang sangat besar dan mudah tentunya. Kalian bisa memainkan permainan judi ini dengan datang langsung ke arena perjudian atau secara online sekarang ini sehingga kalian akan memperoleh keuntungan yang sangat besar nantinya. Permainan judi slot online sendiri merupakan permainan yang terkenal dengan sangat mudah meraih keuntungan yang besar dalam permainan yang ada, bahkan permainan judi ini memang terkenal dengan permainan yang sangat mudah dimainkan  dan menjadi pilihan utama untuk memainkan permainan judi online.

Banyaknya variasi dalam permainan judi ini memang membuat permainan ini selalu dimainkan oleh seluruh pemain judi yang ada dan bahkan seluruh permainan yang ada bisa selalu mendapatkan kemenangan. Sbobet selaku situs judi yang terpercaya sekarag ini akan membantu kalian semua bagi yang belum pernah memainkan permainan judi ini atau belum pernah merasakan kemenangan dalam permainan yang ada untuk bisa mendapatkan kemenangan yang ada. Kami akan mengenalkan secara langsung kepada kalian semua untuk bisa memainkan permainan judi slot online ini dengan sebaik mungkin tanpa harus kekurangan apapun atau kekalahan yang aneh. Bagi pemain yang ingin memainkan permainan judi slot online ini memang perlu mengenali secara langsung apa yang menjadi ciri khas dari permainan judi ini dan juga seluruh macam apa yang ada dalam permainan judi slot online ini agar nantinya kalian tidak bingung dalam permainan judi ini.

Permainan judi jenis casino online ini memang tetap memakai cara yang sama dan juga taruhan yang sama dengan menggunakan uang asli. Tidak perlu susah memainkan permainan judi slot online ini pada situs judi sbobet yang merupakan situs judi terpercaya, dimana permainan ini cukup sangat terkenal dan populer di seluruh kalangan yang ada. Di situs palace303 pun anda akan diberikan permainan judi online 24 jam yang lengkap dan menarik yang …


Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc.’s Patented Software to Assist Global Interactive Gaming, Ltd. (GIG) in Launching the World’s First Fully Interactive Ligaz888 Betting System for Digital TV Interactive

Interactive Systems Worldwide developed and patented a software system, SportXction, which allows users to wager on a play-by-play basis while watching a live sporting event. ISWI and GIG will together launch this on the Digital TV platform, and over the Internet in the near future.


West Paterson, NJ, July 16, 2001 – Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ SmallCap-ISWI) following the announcement by Global Interactive Gaming, Ltd. (GIG), announced today that its patented software will assist in launching the world’s first consumer oriented, fully interactive betting system for Digital TV (iDTV). GIG’s new systems are backed by Prisma iVentures – part of Germany’s KirchMedia, one of the world’s leading sports rights company and marketing company responsible for commercial free-television, license trading, New Media, sport, film and TV production and for film technology.


“Our aim is to become the world’s leading interactive gaming company on all digital entertainment platforms. We are already in advanced discussions with all UK iDTV operators, and expect to announce our first partners very soon,” commented Cees Zwaard, CEO of GIG Ltd.


“Digital TV broadcasters realize that their future is based upon adding compelling revenue generating services to their TV programs. GIG is the first Company to effectively combine the thrill of live sports transmissions, with a consumer-oriented, low-stakes interactive betting system that’s a natural extension of the viewed event. Thanks to our backing from Prisma iVentures and their relationship with KirchMedia, we have access to all the resources of the world’s premier sports rights and marketing agency, and can offer a unique, “turn-key” solutions to a Digital Broadcaster,” Mr. Zwaard went on to say.


On March 17, 2000, Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc. (ISWI) granted GIG the exclusive license to market, distribute and use the Company’s interactive SportXction™ software, technology and patents on the …


Zen and the Art of Slot Poker

Since Robert Pirsig started the Zen and… craze in the mid-seventies, the public has been inundated with books relating eastern mysticism and everyday western life. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before someone wrote Zen and the Art of Poker, which applies the principles of this sect of Buddhism to the ultimate game of strategy and deception.


In this book there are five major sections, each of which contain from four to six essays on the application of Zen to the game of poker. There is also an introduction and two appendices, one on Zen and poker tournaments, and one that covers “Zen and Poker Computer Software” and a bibliography. The bibliography refers to a number of good poker books, but mostly contains references for the many Zen quotes that Phillips applies to poker throughout the book.


I’ll give Phillips a great deal of credit. Early in the book he explains some of the inherent contradictions between Zen and poker, including the facts that the poker requires a great measure of aggression, and that the way one measures long term success in poker is by winning tournaments and accumulating money, both very un-Zen-like ideas. In general, these contradictions haven’t stopped the rash of books that lead to even more ludicrous associations, such as, Zen and the Art of Street Fighting and Zenvesting: The Art of Abundance and Managing Money. In fact, Phillips sets these issues aside in an honest manner, and therefore I was willing to give him complete license on this matter throughout the rest of the book.


The author then goes on to explain where Zen is useful in poker, including notions of calmness, not associating result (winning or losing pots) with right action (playing well), and taking a long-term view of the …

Sbobet Indonesia

That Darn River Card in Sbobet Indonesia

Playing the Friday night tournament, $30 buy in, limit hold’em tournament at the fort, the unusual happens. The first ten hands were won on the river. 1st hand, aces were cracked by two pair, J, 10 off suit. J on the river. Next hand, KQ flop two pair: K, 5, Q. Ten then Jack and the A, 5 suited gets the straight. Next hand: Flop is 3,4,7. Turn is J; River is J. J7 full beats the 56 flop for the straight in the big blind. This goes on and on with most of the players winning one hand on the river. I started counting. Ten hands won in a row on the river.

We all experience the river bad beat. We cry and moan when it happens to us. On the other hand, we love it because we pray for the river. Please g-d, Please g-d, river me. As we scoop up the pot, we feel “Hell ya, I know how to play.” Damn I’m good.

There is a winner and a loser on the river. Then there is hindsight. Jeez, if I would have stayed I could have had the flush. How about the player who always stays to the river no matter what. Maybe there should be a table called River Hold’em. Place the $3 blind, $3 flop, $6 turn, $6 river in the pot in the beginning and play showdown. Frustrating as it is, it is a fact of Hold’em .Win or lose we have to accept the river. Either way, you have to learn how to swim.

TELLS: We all have em.

Most of the folks we play against know ’em. We do what we do out of habit. Some of us play with our chips. Some build towers of chips, some shuffle. Playing with …


Stroking The ligaz888 System

Any roulette betting system that depends on a progression of bets is doomed to fail. You may experience some short-term wins with a progressive system, but eventually, the house advantage will catch up with you and you’ll experience a disastrous loss that may wipe out any previous successful sessions.

Over the long run, any progressive betting system has to find a way to beat the hefty 5..26 percent house edge, and in the long history of roulette, no one has been able to develop a system that would beat even the low French disadvantage of 2.7 percent.

It becomes more important, therefore, to be able to rely on human or mechanical error to become a consistent winner at roulette. There are several “systems” that may help you discern where and when the ball is going to land in a particular number or group of numbers. By reading this next section, you will understand why many roulette players seem to be studying the wheel with such great concentration.

Clocking The Wheel

In most cases, you cannot predict where the ball is going to land, but many roulette ligaz888 players believe that by recording where the ball has landed in the past will allow them to estimate when it will land there again.

To accomplish this, roulette players sit for hours, recording the list of numbers that hit. They note when a number hits more frequently than should be statistically probable, and then wager on that number, hoping the trend will continue.

They will also try to determine whether the ball is landing in any one “section” more than another section. If you look at the roulette wheel and use the “0” as the 12 o’clock point, the wheel can be divided into four quadrants.

The roulette wheel is masterfully laid out, …


UFASatellites and Super Satellites

Playing a satellite is a tournament parlay. Satellites are tournaments you enter in hopes of winning a seat into a larger tournament. They provide an opportunity for players to get into larger tournaments for a fraction of the cost and are extremely popular at all major tournaments. Let me give you an example of how they work.


Suppose a Hold’em tournament cost $1060 to enter. A one-table satellite (ten players) for this event would most likely cost $120 to play. The winner of the satellite would get an entry into the $1060 event (and $140 would go to the house). Most casinos host satellites continuously during a major event. Tournaments and satellites have different buy-ins. Players might play a satellite in one game but if they win it, they might prefer to play a UFA tournament in another game. Rather than assign players a seat into a particular tournament, tournaments issue “lammers” (buttons that are usually for $300 or $500) to players who win satellites. They can use those lammers to play in any tournament they wish. Players like having this option.


Another plus for issuing lammers is that players who so desire can make a deal at the end of a satellite. For example, suppose three players had equal chips at the end of a satellite with a prize of a $1500 buy-in. There would be three $500 lammers available (plus some cash for the vigorish). The three remaining players might opt to take one lammer each rather than play the satellite out. This is good for the house as it speeds up satellites, keeps more players in action, and generally keeps the players happy, as many would prefer to ‘chop’ rather than gamble at the high levels of the final stages of a satellite.


Super …

The Player of the Year Race





I honestly think one of the reasons I did as well as I did in 2004 was that I didn’t play in any tournaments I didn’t feel like playing. At the beginning of the year, I decided that I was going to stay in Vegas more and play in the big cash games. As for tournaments, I’d play “only” in the World Series of Poker events and other big buy-in events.


As it turned out, though, that’s not how things went. It seemed like every week in 2004, there was a $10,000 buy-in event! I’d get home from a tournament and wind down for a few days, then I was right back out on the road for another event.


When the year began, I’d written off winning the Card Player Player of the Year award entirely. I knew that I wasn’t going to play a full slate of events, so I didn’t figure that I had much of a chance.


I started the year off right, though, coming in third in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and following that up with a second-place finish in the PartyPoker Million. I was ecstatic about my start, but still never wavered on my plans for the year — to play only in the big events.


Well, the WSOP is a big event, and I played as many events in it as I could. In other words, I played every one, unless I was at the final table of the previous day’s event. Once the WSOP was over, I had a pretty nice lead in the race. Still, I thought I was a huge underdog to win.


There were events going on in L.A. and at Bellagio, and I was either at home or visiting Grand …

Judi Online

Wigan Judi Online Blackpool

When Wigan beat Blackpool 1-0 at the DW Stadium on a warm day back in August this year, it was expected that The Latics would again make a push for promotion back to the Premier League under manager Uwe Rosler, while Blackpool would face a season of toil.


Wigan 1 v Blackpool 0, DW Stadium, Wigan.


442 magazine even had Wigan favorites for automatic promotion. It has come as a surprise then that Wigan are just one place above Blackpool at the wrong end of the table.


Blackpool, who had struggled to even put together a squad over the summer, were expected to find the going hard and indeed they have, presently propping up the Championship with just 13 points from 21 games going into this weekend’s fixtures.


Both Blackpool and Wigan have changed their managers already this season. Blackpool replaced Belgian coach Jose Riga with Lee Clark, himself released by fellow Championship strugglers, Birmingham, just 10 before.


Wigan chairman Dave Whelan pulled the trigger on Uwe Rosler after a poor run of form but opted to replace the popular German coach, who had taken the club to the Championship play-offs and the FA Cup semi-finals last season, with Malky Mackay, a man seemingly in disgrace, after his racially-charged text messages were leaked following his sacking at Premier League Swansea.


Wigan 1 v Blackpool 0.


Whelan added to the club’s woes with a Judi Online series of ill-considered comments in interviews with the press where he sought to defend his new appointment and now finds himself in hot water with the FA.


Wigan laboured to beat a gutsy Blackpool 1-0 back in August with a single goal from Spanish striker Oriol Riera, a summer signing from Osasuna, but now seemingly out of …