Online เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Gets Invaded by Playing Robots

Online เเทงหวยออนไลน์ is hitting an all time boom. Autoplaying robots are the newer addition to this game. Virtual tables with play taking place among avatars is a common site. It is estimated that about 1.8 million gamblers play online poker, every month. These players dream of big earnings through their game. The stakes in online poker changed dramatically ever since Chris Moneymaker parlayed a $40 internet tournament into a $2.5 million championship, during the world series of Poker in 2003. Many people left their regular jobs and began making a living out of online poker. The tournament’s motto: “Anyone can win”, lures players aptly. But CptPokr is a robot who is placing bets and playing cards and is different from other icons on the table. His moves are monitored by WinHoldEm, which is the first of its kind autoplaying poker software. reports:
Seat him at the table and he will apply strategy gleaned from decades of research. For years, there has been chatter among online players about the coming poker bot infestation.
Why Should Poker be Considered a Sport? – Read Lloyd Garver’s Comments on This!
Can you guess the names of the three most-watched sports on TV? If your guess was car racing, football and poker, in that order, then you get full points for your guess. However, Lloyd Garver commenting on Sportsline, said that he would not consider poker a sport at all. According to him, any activity that can be done while one is eating, drinking or smoking cannot be categorized under sports. He talks about definitions and guidelines to determine whether an activity can be considered a sport or not. The different attributes that he has listed, on account of which an activity can be called a sport include those that lead to ‘fitness’ and …

Why Online Banking Makes Sense, And How To Do It Safely

The internet has infiltrated every characteristic of our modern lives. We crapper check movies, listen to music, talk with friends, and attain phone calls online. We crapper acquire a car, acquire a house, or Brassica meet a future spouse, every online. Why should our banking be any different? Online banking is not only convenient it is safe, as daylong as you are answerable with your banking practices.
Banks are rattling hyping up online banking. They substance special incentives for opening checking and fund accounts online; higher welfare rates, liberated checking, liberated personalized checks, the itemize goes on and on. What are the advantages to using online banking? Well, there are many. First of all, many banks substance higher rates for your fund or checking accounts if you ingest online banking. The higher your welfare evaluate is for either of these accounts, the more money you attain every year.
Banks want you to ingest their online services because it saves them money. If a person crapper ingest online banking to electronically pay a bill or designate money from digit statement to another, that effectuation their phone bankers or tellers do not hit to do this, sanctioning them to support more customers and in the modify making the slope more money. So, the more customers ingest online banking the more playing the slope crapper do, and the more juicy they are. solon profit for your slope isn’t ever a intense thing; if the slope is juicy then they haw substance more incentives same modify higher welfare rates, which effectuation more money in your incurvature if you hit an welfare bearing account. Who doesn’t same more money?
Online banking crapper hit a seedier side. In today’s status of indistinguishability theft, digit crapper never be likewise careful with individualized information. Many banks order username …

Toto HK on the Xbox 360

If you have an Xbox 360 from Microsoft then you should consider downloading one of their arcade Toto HK games. It is very fun to play on the Xbox 360. If you like playing Gears of War, Call of Duty, and Halo online then the Xbox 360 Live Arcade Poker game may give you a rest from all the shooting.
One of the nice things about playing Poker on the Xbox 360 is that the community of gamers online are playing simply for fun. There is no money involved, just simple socializing and simple fun. When you play online, the people are simply talking and they are simply having fun just being at the poker table with their headsets.
Poker on the Xbox 360 is very simple. All you have to do is buy some Microsoft Points through your Xbox Live account and then purchase the Texas Hold’em game through your console. Once you start playing, you have a starting bankroll of fifty thousand dollars. This is play money of course. You can work your way up and get achievement points for this.
What’s nice about the Xbox Live 360 Poker game is that you will be able to meet other gamers online. You will be able to see their profiles. You will be able to see what games they play. You will be able to check out if they are hardcore gamers or not through the amount of achievement points they have on their profile. Think of Xbox 360 Poker as sort of a lobby where people can meet to play fun poker and find team mates for the more hardcore Xbox 360 games out there like Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty.
If you do not have an Xbox 360 then you are missing out on …


Last night, it happened again.
We sat, under a billion watts of blinding light, and waited for a race to end. Saturday night we lost just 6 minutes to a Busch series race, which is really NASCAR’s minor leagues. Then Sunday, as was expected, the big race in California kept us off the air until 12:17.
There are usually just 4 of us in the studio when we’re in a delay, usually the same 4 souls. The weathergirl is from Kansas and her husband’s a big sports guy, while both members of our floor crew love those speeding cars. Same people, same situation, invariably the same debate.
Is NASCAR a sport?
You almost certainly have an opinion.
As a certified sports junkie, I subscribe to nearly every sports magazine, watch every sports show, and have 3 of my XM presets tuned to all sports stations. And in every meduim, it’s POKER getting the “SPORTS?” treatment. I suppose it’s because the sbobet is carried on ESPN. Perhaps it’s because the New York Times has added the game to it’ “Sport” section. In any event, the big wigs of sport are certainly taking their shots.
The first real salvo, at least the first I saw, came from Rick Reilly. In his usually fantastic column he wrote, “This poker craze is the biggest waste of time since Stevie Wonder went to a mime festival.” I almost swore off the poker content based on the stale humor alone.
Here are his major complaints:
1) The game is easy. Chris Moneymaker won a HUGE tournament after “having played the game on the Internet for three years.” Can you imagine, asks Reilly with no sense of hyperbole, “somebody taking up basketball three years ago and suddenly becoming the leading scorer in the NBA?”
2) The game …

“A total rambling mess for which I sbobet apologize” OR “A Novice”

In each of the last few years I’d mark off the days with an “X”, a full cross from corner to corner. It made my At-A-Glance calendar look like a cheap hillbilly quilt. For awhile I’d make the slash right at punchout time, just after I logged out of the system. After a year or so that time sbobet moved up, and I’d cast the day aside before heading out to lunch. Now, I don’t make a mark at all.
Of course, even the NAMES of days help mark the passage of life. I promise to kill the next co-worker who laments “another Monday”. Its not as if Tuesday will be any different. Really, you’re just waiting for the weekend, which means you’re willing to fast-foreward nearly 5/7 of your entire life.
By MY math
I’m an overweight smoker with a high-stress life. When my wife makes a healthy meal I’m careful to avoid anything that ever, directly, turned the sun into fuel. I’ve started hitting the gym again and, while my workout is much the same as ever, it hurts a lot more than it ever did before. Today, before leaving for work, i heard this gem :
Older child : Mommy, what’s a diet?
Mommy : You don’t need to worry about it sweetie. You eat healthy food.
Older child : So who DOES use a “diet”?
Mommy : Well, it wouldn’t kill your father.
When my lifestlye chokes me, it’ll leave that frozen smile of marital bliss. God help me!
I figure that clock, the human sundial, can run another 30 years. That’s the best case scenario. If so, that’s 10,955 days (with 5 leap years included). Only 3130 of those days are on the weekend. It would be a shame to ignore the rest.
All …

toto hk -WCOOP-2008-Event-19-Results

Event 19 got underway this past Sunday with the largest buy-in of any of the 2008 WCOOP events. Sixty-four players paid up the $25,500, lured by the $1,600,000 guarantee, but only eight could place in the money and only one would walk away with the $560,000 first place prize. Steven “stevesbets” Jacobs proved himself worthy and up to the task, taking down the first place prize and this year’s Heads-Up Championship braclet.
The High-Roller Heads-Up NL toto hk tournament had quite the competitive line-up. Team PokerStars Pros and renown online sharks littered the field: Daniel Negreanu, Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker, Hold_emNL, supernova9, and Empire2000 just to name a few. No table was left without any great and interesting action ,as the field narrowed down to the final eight.
Here’s the starting line-up of those in the money:
Table 1: Vanessa “Lady Maverick” Rousso vs. zivziv
Table 2: PAW717 vs. stevesbets
Table 3: Victor Ramdin vs. Gavin Griffin
Table 4: brianm15 vs ElKY
More than two hours were needed to eliminate the next four players. No one was going without a fight. In the end, Vanessa “Lady Maverick” Rousso, Victor Ramdin, PAW717, and brianm15, all of the United States, had to settle for a cool $100,000.
The semifinals went quicker than expected. Team PokerStars Pros Gavin Griffin and ElkY found themselves pitted against each other, as stevesbets and zivziv battled it out at the other table.
At the Team PokerStars Pros’ table, ElkY quickly established a 3-to-1 chip lead over Griffin after he hit trip Aces. In not too much time, Griffin was ousted by ElkY. Aces again came to ElkY’s favor, as his pocketed pair sent Griffin to collect a $160,000 fourth place prize. It only took minutes for this table to come to an end.
Stevesbets and zivziv’s match …

Poker Refugees Relocating American Poker Players

Poker Refugees: this small start-up, run by MBA and former pro surfer Kristen Wilson, relocates American pinup online poker players outside the reach of Uncle Sam, to enable careers in online poker. Poker Refugees helps find apartments, set up bank accounts, and find a reliable broadband connection to play on. All of this for $1,000 a person.
Matthew Stout and Joey Cappuccio just moved into their new apartment in San Jose, Costa Rica. The two have been friends for Joo casino free spins ages, and used to live in New Jersey until just recently. Stout and Cappuccio have left the United States for just one reason: Black Friday. Since April 15, 2011, when the Justice Department and the FBI shut down the American markets of the largest online poker sites in the world, players everywhere have considered moving abroad. These two have made it a reality.
Since September, when Stout and Cappuccio completed their move, the two have hardly left their apartment. Except for the off grocery run here and there, the two poker grinders enjoy the comforts of their apartment as they work the online felt. crypto gambling Was $1,000 a head worth it? Both believe it was. Since 2006, Stout has pulled in $1 million and Cappuccio about $500,000 from online poker. For that kind of paycheck, a $1,000 relocation fee just made sense. “Without Wilson, we wouldn’t have been online in time for the [PokerStars] World Championship,” Stout said. “I would have just been here banging my head against a wall.”
Wilson’s business, Poker Refugees, has relocated 14 Americans and received interest from more than 100 other players. Matt Plecki, a 21 year-old chemical engineering major at USC California, left his classes to pursue his poker career. He believes that, “If you’re an actual professional player, you’re …

World’s Best In Aussie Millions $100k Challenge

Over the weekend, the poker togel  gathered together for one of the most enticing tournaments held anywhere in the world. The $100,000 challenge asked the world’s very best players to put up one hundred thousands Australian Dollars to compete against each other in an elite tournament. Only 24 players could afford to enter, including the likes of Barry Greenstein, Tony G, Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer, Erick Lindgren, David Steicke, Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, and Jonathan Karamalikis. This was another of the Aussie Million’s uniquely structured tournaments, with the game switching between PLHE and NLHE pre and post flop. Players only had 30 seconds to make each decision and were armed with two time extension chips to give themselves some emergency thinking time. Just 5 players would cash, but with $1.2 million on offer for first place the prizes were well worth winning.

Going into the final table, the chipstacks were as follows:

Seat 1: Bill Jordanou – 195,000

Seat 2: Phil Ivey – 328,000

Seat 3: Tony Bloom – 227,000

Seat 4: Jonathan Karamalikis – 508,000

Seat 5: Howard Lederer – 141,000

Seat 6: Dan Shak – 453,000

Seat 7: Tony G – 200,000

Seat 8: Barry Greenstein – 388,000

The Professor, Howard Lederer, had barely warmed his seat before he was walking to the rail. All in with A-10 against Tony G’s A-A left him with little hope, which the board did nothing to aid. Jonathan Karamalikis demonstrated that he is skilled enough to compete with the best in the game, but made the elementary error of doubling up the indomitable Phil Ivey. Shortly after, he failed to win a coin flip and exited the event in 7th place. With just one place to go until the money, it was left to the Robin Hood of Poker, Barry Greenstein, …

Man Sues Harrah’s Casino Over Ban

Card counting is in the news again. A togel hongkong hari ini player in Las Vegas is suing Harrah’s Entertainment over the company banning him from their hotels. The man, Steven Silverstein, stated in his suit that Nevada law does not allow Harrah’s to deny him access to their casinos.


Back in September, Silverstein was playing blackjack at Paris Las Vegas, which is owned by Harrah’s, and was told to cash out and leave the casino. He was also told by the casino manager that they did not want him to return to that casino or any of Harrah’s casinos. He said that if Silverstein did try to return to the casino, he would be arrested.


Banning players for counting cards is nothing new. Though card counting without an external device is not illegal, the casinos do not like it and if they catch you doing it, you will be asked to leave and may be banned from returning as well. Recently, blackjack card counters have been fighting back by challenging the legality of those bans. There is no consensus about who is in the right.


Card counters say that the casinos have no right to deny them access simply because they count cards, since it’s not illegal. Others say that since the casinos are private businesses, they have the right to ban anyone they want from their establishments.


The courts have been inconsistent in their rulings so far, such as in a similar case in Indiana. In that state, a man who was banned for counting cards sued the casino. The court in that case ruled in favor of the casino, upholding their right to ban customers. The player then appealed and the appellate court ruled in favor of the card counter. The casino then …

Review of The Casino Answer Book

I believe that one of the most appealing aspects of casino gambling is the mystery that surrounds it. I also believe that the reason for mysteries is so that one might understand them. In The Casino Answer Book, syndicated columnist John Grochowski tries to answer some of these mysteries, specifically about blackjack, video poker, and roulette.

The book contains about twenty chapters which can be divided into three sections, each of which covers one of the casino games mentioned above. Each chapter is a multiple-choice quiz with 20 or so questions on the specific topic. The reader is invited to test their knowledge of these casino games by taking the quiz and reading the detailed answers as they go along.

The material Grochowski presents on these games is accurate. Occasionally, I find it to stray close to being misleading, for example in the blackjack card counting section or information about betting progressions in roulette. However, even in controversial sections the author’s claims are factually on target and Grochowski is never disingenuous, although the subtitle for the book, “How to Overcome the House Advantage When You Play Blackjack, Video Poker & Roulette” walks awfully close to this line.

At the same time, no really deep mysteries are revealed either. Frankly, the vast majority of the material in this book can be found in the first part of Steve Bourie’s excellent annual series, American Casino Guide, and that which can’t is explained in more detail in many other Slot Gacor books, like Dan Paymar’s Video Poker: Optimum Slot Gacor Play or Stanford Wong’s Blackjack Secrets. The casino novice, or the casino regular who has had their head in the sand, might come to learn a significant amount from this book, but once one has breached the threshold of being willing to study …