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Omaha Is Not Texas Hold’em


Texas Hold’emby Bill Burton

The recent surge in the popularity of poker has had a rippling effect. While many new players are joining the game, many experienced players are trying their hand at new games. Some limit Hold’em players are branching out to play No Limit Hold’em and quite a few of them are trying the game of Omaha.Their downfall is that they think they can win at Omaha using Texas Hold’em Strategy.

Omaha may look like Hold’em because it is played with five community cards but that is where the similarities end. In Hold’em you can use any five card combination. In Omaha you Must use two card from your hand and three cards from the board.

Stating Hands

In Omaha you get four personal cards instead of two. Some players may think that this gives them double the starting hand combinations but in reality with four cards you have six possible two card combinations. You have four cards ABCD The combinations are AB CD AC BD AD BC.

With all these starting combinations, Hold’em players think that this gives them reason more hands. You have to remember that each of the other players also has 6 two card starting combinations so in a ten handed game you have 6 combinations but your opponents have 54 amongst them. You actually need to be more selective.

Starting hands need to be coordinated. This means that the four cards should work together such as having a straight possibility that may wrap around the flop. Double suited hands that contain aces are good for the nut flush however three or four cards of the same suit is a garbage hand in most instances as you diminish your flush possibilities.

Big Pairs Rarely Win

One of the biggest mistakes I see is …

Pengeluaran HK

Dimana ada asap pasti ada api di Togel Hongkong

Perjudian online adalah industri yang berkembang pesat – mungkin sektor Internet yang tumbuh paling cepat. Dengan pendapatan diproyeksikan menjadi lebih dari $3 miliar pada tahun 2001, masuk akal bahwa pengusaha akan tertarik pada jenis bisnis ini.

Tapi dengan ledakan datang beberapa ledakan. Sebuah wawancara radio baru-baru ini di CasinoGazette.com mengungkapkan sisi kumuh perjudian online – seorang programmer yang merancang produk yang menipu para penjudi dari uang mereka.

Sang programmer bernama Alexander mengungkapkan bahwa dialah pencipta software yang digunakan oleh sebuah kasino game online, Asurebet. Bekerja sama dengan seseorang bernama Jorge (atau George), segera menjadi jelas baginya bahwa dia diminta untuk memasang perangkat lunak untuk menghasilkan pengembalian yang lebih tinggi untuk investasi yang lebih rendah.

Perangkat lunak ini dicurangi untuk menjaga agar jackpot dan hasil pembayaran tinggi lainnya tidak terjadi. Misalnya, jika Anda bermain video poker, Anda tidak akan pernah mendapatkan royal flush – karena perangkat lunak akan mendeteksi kombinasi itu dan menggantinya dengan tangan lain.

Selain itu, setelah Alexander dipaksa keluar dari Pengeluaran HK perusahaan, yang disebut Clockmedia, Jorge meminta pemrogramnya memprogram ulang permainan untuk memastikan pengembalian yang lebih tinggi ke kasino – dalam satu kasus, permainan blackjack eksposur ganda tampaknya menguntungkan pemain – jadi pemrogram menulis ulang kode untuk memberi pemilik kasino keuntungan yang tidak adil.

Setidaknya satu operator kasino kemudian membeli perangkat lunak, diduga menyadari bahwa permainan itu dicurangi.

Ini bukan penipuan pertama yang dilakukan di industri game online. Salah satu kasino paling awal, Casino Royale, dirancang oleh pemiliknya untuk menuai keuntungan yang tidak adil atas para penjudi. Selain itu, pemilik dan operatornya beroperasi secara ilegal di luar California.

Selama industri game online terus kekurangan regulasi dan undang-undang oleh negara-negara besar seperti AS, penipuan ini kemungkinan akan terus berlanjut.

Itu tidak berarti bahwa kasino di Internet adalah penipuan. Faktanya, tidak ada yang bisa lebih jauh dari kebenaran.

Ada …

Crypto Gambling

Major VC-Backed South Korean Exchange Launches Ripple Support for Crypto Gambling

Korbit, one of the three leading South Korean bitcoin exchanges alongside Bithumb and Coinone, has officially integrated support for Ripple trading.


In an email to its customers and traders, the Korbit team wrote:




Over the past three years, Korbit secured $3.6 million in investment from South Korea’s most prominent investment firms and conglomerates including the $17 billion telecommunications giant SK Telecom, the South Korean arm of the Japanese investment company Softbank, and billionaire angel investor Tim Draper.


Although Korbit currently falls behind Coinhumb in terms of user base and market capitalization, it has a significant influence over the South Korean bitcoin industry and exchange market due to its strong line up of investors and supporters. Thus, the validation of Ripple by the Korbit team is likely to trigger a rise in demand toward Ripple in the South Korean exchange market, which already is the second and third largest market in the global Ethereum and Bitcoin exchange markets.


On May 11, Koji Higashi, the project leader of ORB and co-founder of IndieSquare, released an analytical blog post entitled “New wave of Japanese investors are fueling the great altcoin bubble.” In it, Higashi explicitly described the explosive growth of Ripple in the Japanese exchange market and his concerns over the decision of casual and beginner traders to invest in altcoins such as Ripple and NEM without obtaining actual knowledge in the purpose, structure and philosophy of the abovementioned altcoins.


Higashi emphasized that the vast majority of traders are relying on exchanges’ chatrooms to receive investment advice, …

$176k Winner at Singapore Online Casino InterCasino



InterCasino, the world’s largest Internet casino, announced today that a Mega Jackpot of $176,688 was hit on in its Progressive Caribbean Poker game.


The jackpot had been steadily building and was finally hit on May 26th. InterCasino’s Progressive Caribbean Poker jackpot has become one of the largest in online gaming history.


The winner, ‘moosed’ from Hawaii, was having a quiet game of Caribbean Poker at InterCasino before breakfast on Saturday morning when the once-in-a-lifetime event happened — a Royal Flush. He looked at the progressive jackpot tabletop counter and saw that he had just won $176,688.


‘Moosed’ still sounded shocked when casino manager Ryan Hartley phoned him two hours after his win to congratulate him. An InterCasino player since 1996, ‘moosed’ is the second player since March to scoop the biggest and best progressive jackpot on the net.


InterCasino’s Caribbean Poker includes a wide screen with 3D graphics and animations, and a multi-player Progressive Jackpot that starts at an incredible $100,000 and grows with every bet. Players don’t even need a Royal Flush to get the taste of a big win. A straight flush gives players 10% of the jackpot, which is at least $15,000. Lower combinations also pay out handsomely — as a $1 bonus bet brings $1,000 on Four of a Kind, $100 on a Full House and $50 on a Flush.


Every player can be a winner at InterCasino. Throughout June, all players who make a single deposit of $50 or more will be automatically credited with an additional $50 as a free bonus.


InterCasino is the most popular and prompt-paying casino on the Internet. With a 97.5% payout rate, they have been the industry leader since the inception of online gaming in 1995. InterCasino offers 35 casino games …


On behalf of the Bitcoin Magazine Team, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and a fantastic New Year!


Here is Holiday Greeting from Bitcoin Evangelist, BitInstant CEO, and Bitcoin Foundation Board Vice Chair, Charlie Shrem:


Seasons Greetings Bitcoiners!


What a wild year 2013 has been!


At the time of last year’s holiday message, BTC was $13.30 and on Jan 10th, 2013 I was predicting $14.00. As of Christmas morning, BTC is holding steady around$675.


Now, before all of you say “Bitcoin is not all about the price”, relax. You are correct. This year I’ve been fortunate to have travelled all over the world evangelizing Bitcoin. From Austria to Las Vegas, Panama, California, London, Amsterdam, Morocco, Argentina and more meeting Bitcoin communities and building lifelong friendships. One thing I’ll always remember, said to me by long time friend and Bitcoin Foundation general counsel Patrick Murk, “Bitcoin is the accumulation of the talent, hard work and dedication of the people who develop and maintain the protocol, build industries around the protocol, the merchants and consumers who use the Bitcoin protocol in their daily lives, and those who promote and protect the protocol. As more people become a part of the Bitcoin community, the value of the system increases.”. Learn more about HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK BAZAAR FLIPPING


Bitcoin is not simply a currency, or a payment system. Bitcoin is a technology that enables you and I to work together to make the world a better place. Bitcoin not only has the potential for global financial inclusion of the world’s poor, it also provides a stable money supply to people living in some of the world’s most corrupt and irresponsible governments.


We’ve had many ups and downs this year, literally. We saw …

MGM MIRAGE Reports Third Quarter Results for Sg Online Casino

MGM MIRAGE today reported earnings before nonrecurring expenses of 19 cents per diluted share for the 2001 third quarter, compared with 45 cents per diluted share in the 2000 quarter. Consolidated net revenue was down 5.3% to $993 million in the 2001 quarter compared with pinup online $1.05 billion in the comparable 2000 quarter. For the three months ended September 30, 2001, operating cash flow (“EBITDA”) was $236.5 million when compared with $336 million in the prior year’s quarter. Net income before nonrecurring expenses during the 2001 quarter was $30.1 million compared with $73.2 million in the prior year’s quarter.


These results reflect a substantial decline in business volumes at the Company’s hotel and casino resorts immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Company’s mostbet casino hotels on the Las Vegas Strip averaged an unprecedented low 64% occupancy level from September 11th through September 30th. This reduction in customer traffic also resulted in lower casino, food and beverage and retail revenue. Mid-week occupancy levels have now significantly improved, and weekend occupancy has nearly returned to pre-attack levels, albeit at reduced rates. Accordingly, casino and non-casino revenue continue to rebound.


“Prior to the events of September 11th, our Company was on track to achieve another strong quarterly operating performance. Obviously the result of the terrorist attacks had a profound impact on the hotel and travel industry and our business,” said Terry Lanni, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MGM MIRAGE. “Our management team undertook a detailed analysis of our current operations in terms of the Joo casino free spins impact of September 11th. To respond to these historic challenges, we implemented cost containment strategies which included a significant reduction in payroll and a refocusing of several of our marketing Cricket in India programs. The objective of …

Pengeluaran SGP


The Sommer Family Trust signed over the bulk of its 57 percent interest in

the financially troubled Aladdin early Tuesday in London, paving the way for

the sale of the megaresort or the addition of new investors.


The deal, which saw no money change hands, would give Aladdin co-owner

London Clubs International control of 85 percent of the Aladdin.

Nevada gaming regulators and bankers for the two companies must approve

the transaction.


“They’re in a better position to negotiate with other parties,” said Luke

Morton, a British public relations executive who represents London Clubs.

“Obviously, they’ve got more of a holding to dispose of. Yes, it streamlines

the process.”


London Clubs, which owned 40 percent of Aladdin Gaming, received the bulk

of the family trust’s Aladdin interest in return for the $199 million the

British company had already sunk into the 11-month-old hotel-casino.

The Aladdin has struggled as a standalone hotel-casino on a Strip

dominated by multiproperty companies that possess deep customer lists and

lucrative cross-marketing opportunities.


The on-again, off-again deal was struck at about 4 a.m. London time, with

momentum for the transaction increasing “very rapidly” during the last few

days, Morton said.


London Clubs  Pengeluaran SGP and Sommer Trust were facing an early morning deadline, which

saw them file the British company’s yearly financial statement with the

London Stock Exchange.


The change of ownership was revealed in that document.

“This equity restructuring will enable LCI to pursue discussions with third

parties who have expressed interest in the Aladdin project and should enable

us to significantly reduce our existing level of investment,” according to

the filings.


The transaction followed the Monday resignation of London Clubs Chairman

Alan Goodenough, who shepherded the company’s investment in the Aladdin and

its entry into the Las …

judi online 24 jam

Memainkan Permainan Judi Slot Online Dan Meraih Kemenangan

Permainan judi slot online yang merupakan permainan judi paling mudah ini memang sangat membantu para pemain sekalian untuk bisa meraih keuntungan yang sangat besar dan mudah tentunya. Kalian bisa memainkan permainan judi ini dengan datang langsung ke arena perjudian atau secara online sekarang ini sehingga kalian akan memperoleh keuntungan yang sangat besar nantinya. Permainan judi slot online sendiri merupakan permainan yang terkenal dengan sangat mudah meraih keuntungan yang besar dalam permainan yang ada, bahkan permainan judi ini memang terkenal dengan permainan yang sangat mudah dimainkan  dan menjadi pilihan utama untuk memainkan permainan judi online.

Banyaknya variasi dalam permainan judi ini memang membuat permainan ini selalu dimainkan oleh seluruh pemain judi yang ada dan bahkan seluruh permainan yang ada bisa selalu mendapatkan kemenangan. Sbobet selaku situs judi yang terpercaya sekarag ini akan membantu kalian semua bagi yang belum pernah memainkan permainan judi ini atau belum pernah merasakan kemenangan dalam permainan yang ada untuk bisa mendapatkan kemenangan yang ada. Kami akan mengenalkan secara langsung kepada kalian semua untuk bisa memainkan permainan judi slot online ini dengan sebaik mungkin tanpa harus kekurangan apapun atau kekalahan yang aneh. Bagi pemain yang ingin memainkan permainan judi slot online ini memang perlu mengenali secara langsung apa yang menjadi ciri khas dari permainan judi ini dan juga seluruh macam apa yang ada dalam permainan judi slot online ini agar nantinya kalian tidak bingung dalam permainan judi ini.

Permainan judi jenis casino online ini memang tetap memakai cara yang sama dan juga taruhan yang sama dengan menggunakan uang asli. Tidak perlu susah memainkan permainan judi slot online ini pada situs judi sbobet yang merupakan situs judi terpercaya, dimana permainan ini cukup sangat terkenal dan populer di seluruh kalangan yang ada. Di situs palace303 pun anda akan diberikan permainan judi online 24 jam yang lengkap dan menarik yang akan …


Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc.’s Patented Software to Assist Global Interactive Gaming, Ltd. (GIG) in Launching the World’s First Fully Interactive Ligaz888 Betting System for Digital TV Interactive

Interactive Systems Worldwide developed and patented a software system, SportXction, which allows users to wager on a play-by-play basis while watching a live sporting event. ISWI and GIG will together launch this on the Digital TV platform, and over the Internet in the near future.


West Paterson, NJ, July 16, 2001 – Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ SmallCap-ISWI) following the announcement by Global Interactive Gaming, Ltd. (GIG), announced today that its patented software will assist in launching the world’s first consumer oriented, fully interactive betting system for Digital TV (iDTV). GIG’s new systems are backed by Prisma iVentures – part of Germany’s KirchMedia, one of the world’s leading sports rights company and marketing company responsible for commercial free-television, license trading, New Media, sport, film and TV production and for film technology.


“Our aim is to become the world’s leading interactive gaming company on all digital entertainment platforms. We are already in advanced discussions with all UK iDTV operators, and expect to announce our first partners very soon,” commented Cees Zwaard, CEO of GIG Ltd.


“Digital TV broadcasters realize that their future is based upon adding compelling revenue generating services to their TV programs. GIG is the first Company to effectively combine the thrill of live sports transmissions, with a consumer-oriented, low-stakes interactive betting system that’s a natural extension of the viewed event. Thanks to our backing from Prisma iVentures and their relationship with KirchMedia, we have access to all the resources of the world’s premier sports rights and marketing agency, and can offer a unique, “turn-key” solutions to a Digital Broadcaster,” Mr. Zwaard went on to say.


On March 17, 2000, Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc. (ISWI) granted GIG the exclusive license to market, distribute and use the Company’s interactive SportXction™ software, technology and patents on the …