Shelter Humanity

Record BTC Volume at the P2P Markets of Singapore and Eastern European Countries | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin




Peer-to–peer (P2P), volume spikes have been seen in many markets. The Kazakh and Singaporean Localbitcoins market posted their strongest weeks yet. This week saw a rise in Polish P2P trading, reaching a 14 month high.


Singaporean P2P Trade Sees Spike on Shelter Humanity


BTC’s current price action has led to an increase in Localbitcoins volume across multiple markets. This is likely because many traders are preparing for all possible scenarios as BTC supports support near the low end of 2018’s bearish market.


With approximately 145 BTC being traded on Localbitcoins in the last week of February, Singapore’s market for P2P saw a significant increase in volume.


Record BTC Volume at the P2P Markets of Singapore and Eastern European Countries


In fiat currency terms, this week saw the strongest trade activity between SGD and BTC. There were 683,302 SGD worth of trades on Localbitcoins.


Record BTC Volume at the P2P Markets of Singapore and Eastern European Countries


Eastern European Localbitcoins Trading Rallies to Pre-2018 Levels


In the wake of a surge in Russian trade P2P, Eastern European markets saw an increase in trade activity. This was despite BTC’s anticipated retest at the $3,000 resistance.


Kazakh Localbitcoins Trade saw 22 BTC worth trade, which was the second highest number of BTC changing hands in one week.


Record BTC Volume at the P2P Markets of Singapore and Eastern European Countries


Feb. 2, also saw the 10th strongest week on record with 28.36 millions Kazakhstani Tenge ($75,000) worth trade.


Record BTC Volume at the P2P Markets of Singapore and Eastern European Countries


The Polish Localbitcoins marketplace saw a 14 month high in trade volume. Trade between Polish zloty (Zloty) and BTC was 23 BTC ($77,000).


Record BTC …

Energy supplement

Health Effects of Energy Drinks and Energy supplement by Vimgo



The natural health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) have investigated the possible adverse effects of consumption of energy drinks in younger people. Here is their report:


Energy Drink Explosion


The consumption of highly-caffeinated energy drinks has dramatically risen in the last few years with revenues currently exceeding .5 billion a year and growing.


Many of these drinks boast a variety of ingredients like ginkgo, ginseng, amino acids and vitamins, but they also often contain high amounts of sugar, and the primary active ingredient is caffeine.


There is growing unease over the use of these energy drinks and the possible health effects among children, adolescents and young adults.


Reportedly, thirty to fifty percent of this population periodically consumes these super-charged energy drinks with about one third of 12-to 24-year-olds admitting to daily use.


Because Energy supplement are served cold, there is a possibility that energy drinks may be consumed more quickly than hot drinks and in larger amounts.


Adverse effects like seizures, diabetes, cardiac problems and mood or behavioral disorders have been linked to the consumption of energy drinks, especially with use among children, teens and young adults.


An Alarming Trend


This trend is a growing source of concern for medical personnel, parents and school officials as the drinks are increasingly associated with emergency-room visits.


Dr. Guy Shochat, an emergency room doctor in Berkeley, California, treated an 18-year-old last year who had arrived in an ambulance with abnormal hearth rhythms.


To stay alert for his night job, the teen admitted to drinking eight 16-ounce energy drinks per evening.


Unregulated Energy Drink Formulas


While the content of caffeine in soft drinks is not regulated by the FDA, the agency recommends 68 milligrams or less per …

Smokeless nicotine

Tax hike may send smokers across border

The State Line Station is stocking up on cigarettes for an expected surge in smoker Smokeless nicotine demand when South Dakota’s

$1-a-pack tax hike takes effect Monday.

Store manager Kathy Drentlaw unloaded a shipment of tobacco products Friday to prepare for an increase in sales to South Dakotans expected to cross the border to save money on the tobacco products they smoke or chew.

She has another shipment on the way, which is expected to arrive from Denver when the weather clears.

“I’ve tripled (orders) on some brands. And we’ve had a lot of phone calls from Lead, Belle Fourche, Sturgis, asking us to carry some brands if we don’t,” Drentlaw said. “We’ve already ordered in two brands we didn’t have.”

Drentlaw figures South Dakota’s loss will be State Line’s gain, not only for tobacco sales but for other items as well.

“It’ll be a big boost – gas and snacks, and hopefully, they’ll see what great souvenirs we have and start buying those also,” she said.

The increased tobacco tax approved by state voters Nov. 7 takes effect Monday. It will add $1 to the existing 53-cent state tax on a regular pack of 20 cigarettes and increase the tax from 10 percent to 25 percent on the wholesale price of other tobacco products.

Supporters of the tax increase said it would raise $40 million for state programs and programs to discourage tobacco use and help users quit.

The tax increase, which would drive up the cost of cigarettes, is also designed to encourage some smokers to quit.

Opponents say it unfairly targets tobacco users, is likely to reduce state revenues, increases cigarette bootlegging and purchases in other states and will do little to reduce smoking rates among South Dakotans.

Patrons and employees at Thrifty Smoke Shop on St. …

sms autoresponder

The Viewpoint Of Automatic Text Action


When you have auto-respond to missed out on phone calls activated, when you miss out on a phone call to your Keep Service Line offered in the United States and Canada, your call will instantly obtain your auto-response sms message. WhatsApp provides you finest Facilities like Split-second Messaging, Sound as well as Video clip calls with Personal privacy and also a lot extra. Establishing a trip -responder is a lot more made complex in Overview than it remains in Gmail, yet it can be done. These are simply a few of the alternatives offered, so look via whatever Overview deals and see what could function for your scenario. For info on elements and also their variables, see the PHLO Parts Collection. It can be used for arranged sms messages for your customers, employees, or companions in work, such as Zoom conferences, placing orders, excellent distribution notices, info circulation, and more.

In simply five actions, you can configure the apple iphone Automatic message feedback. Maintain reviewing to learn how automobile reply functions, the five kinds of individuals that require sms autoresponder, and where to download and install an auto-response messaging application. This brand-new modern technology enables you to send out tailored auto-response sms messages to your web leads. TEXT Automobile Reply – instantly respond with sms message to inbound MESSAGES/ SMS/ WhatsApp Messages, WA Service Messages, Facebook messages, and also for messages sent out to Google Voice digital number when you are hectic, driving, in a conference, seeing a flick, resting, in an institution, or simply where you would certainly favor not to be disrupted.

So without more farewell, right here are 50 instances of brand names making use of SMS advertising. This plugin includes the capacity to send out SMS in mass from your WordPress internet site. If …

Binance Kickback

Digital signatures and Binance Kickback



A major benefit of public key cryptography is that Binance Kickback provides a method for employing digital signatures. Digital signatures let the recipient of information verify the authenticity of the information’s origin, and also verify that the information was not altered while in transit. Thus, public key digital signa- tures provide authentication and data integrity. These features are every bit as fundamental to cryptography as privacy, if not more.


A digital signature serves the same purpose as a seal on a document, or a handwritten signature. However, because of the way it is created, it is supe- rior to a seal or signature in an important way. A digital signature not only attests to the identity of the signer, but it also shows that the contents of the information signed has not been modified. A physical seal or handwritten sig- nature cannot do that. However, like a physical seal that can be created by anyone with possession of the signet, a digital signature can be created by anyone with the private key of that signing keypair.


Some people tend to use signatures more than they use encryption. For example, you may not care if anyone knows that you just deposited $1,000 in your account, but you do want to be darn sure it was the bank teller you were dealing with.


The basic manner in which digital signatures are created is shown in the fol- lowing figure. The signature algorithm uses your private key to create the sig- nature and the public key to verify it. If the information can be decrypted with your public key, then it must have originated with you.


Hash functions and Binance Kickback


The system described above has some problems. It is slow, and it produces an enormous …

Crane Truck Hire Sydney

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things – Crane Truck Hire Sydney



Let me explain.


We offer rental trucks in the Auckland region. We believe that we can offer you a service a cut above the rest. We are a locally owned and operated business which means WE CARE ABOUT YOU. We have been in the business long enough to know what our customers need and we go to great lengths to make sure those needs are met.


We understand that not every person is the same so we offer flexibility in the rental process. Sure, we have GREAT STANDARD RATES but we are also open to creating a flexible package that suits you. After all, without you, there is no us! That’s why we look after each and every customer: You are our most important customer!


So let us show you what it’s like to be treated like the most important customer in the world. With our great rates, flexible rental options and choice of vehicle features, you will be glad you dropped us a line.


Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us

I have hired from most of the major rental companies but never before experienced the combination of price, efficiency and friendliness that I have found at Auckland Vehicle Rental


Dave Castell, expert Crane Truck Hire Sydney


I usually hire cars and 10-12 seater vans from you – Auckland Vehicle Rentals.


I have also tried hiring vehicles from several other vehicle rentals and have found Auckland vehicle Rentals reliable; as it makes my job of transporting my passengers with ease and comfort… I am highly impressed with the excellent and efficient service as well as the great rental rates and the first-rate quality condition of vehicles from Auckland Vehicle Rentals.


Auckland Vehicle Rentals will still be …

water tube boilers

The way to clear water tube boilers



Draining a fully pumped heating system makes it easier to work on the system. To exchange metal radiator valves or add an additional radiator as an example. This is often implemented by the engineer during repair or extension work although some experienced officeowners have been known to drain their own gas central heating systems.


The main reason for most people for Emptying their water tube boilers is to clean the radiators. Before you do anything to the actual metal radiator you should switch off the gas boiler and any gas or electric that supplies the central heating boiler. Another essential step is to ensure that no additional water enters the gas central heating system whilst you are Flushing it.


Your Central Heating tank is where the water is fed into the system. The expansion cystern uses a ball-valve similar to that in a toilet system. As the water level rises the ball floats on the surface and closes off the valve. Water is added to the heating system if the levels fall as the ball will drop on the water surface opening the valve. To ensure that the gas heating system fully empties we need to stop this mechanism. To prevent any more water entering the valve needs to be off.


Now take a hosepipe emptying into an outdoors empty and attach this to the outlet valve on the bottom of your metal radiator. Water will now flow out of the metal radiator through the hosepipe into the external empty. As there will be water in the bottom floor radiators you will need to attach the hose to one of these to see to it that the whole central heating system drains. You must make sure before you start cleaning or replacing your heating radiator …

2022 Lang Calendars

Tennis Lessons from 2022 Cars Calendars



If you want to learn how to play tennis, or to improve your game, you will need to find some good tennis lessons to get you on your way. Even those who have been playing for years can benefit from tennis lessons, and you may not even know you need help with your game until you get it. As with any sport, there is always room to grow, and always ways to get better. Depending on where you live, you should be able to find affordable tennis lessons that will fit in with your busy schedule. You may also want to get lessons for your children to help them stay fit and strong. Much like with golf, you may be able to find tennis lessons given by a professional. Buy 2022 Lang Calendars


This will highly depend on where you live. If there is no pro near you, or they aren’t giving lessons, you are out of luck in that department. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get great lessons for you and your family. Sometimes, you may even be able toget these lessons for free. Your local gym or YMCA/YWCA might be the best places to look first.


Many communities have tennis courts, and some have community tennis leagues. Ask about tennis lessons, and find out about price and availability. In most cases, you may find some in the evening hours or on the weekend so that you can join in with the entire family. If you want to take tennis lessons on your own, or need the time alone, you may even be able to squeeze some in on your lunch hour, or on your way home from work. Whether you are a beginner or have been playing for a while, get some new …

WordPress Web Hosting

Top 3 important reasons why wordpress development is getting on its hype?



WordPress has gotten one of the extraordinary web improvement stages, which isn’t longer new to site and web advancement organizations. A lot of sites consistently run on WordPress. It is considered one of the incredible open-source stages that are ceaselessly offering loads of advantages. If you likewise need to make a business site or blog, you should employ an expert WordPress Web Hosting.


WordPress is viewed as incredible self-facilitating programming that is continuously offering bunches of advantages to bloggers. It has become a stage or programming which is self-facilitating.


It makes web development speedier


Nothing is superior to wordpress web hosting services that are persistently offering a ton of advantages to us. It is significantly simpler to build up a business site and blog with WordPress than to construct a particular one without any preparation.


WordPress organizations have just attempted the full advancement measure, including coding and programming language, a lot simpler. WordPress is persistently offering a lot of advantages to entrepreneurs. If you need to make any business site, at that point, WordPress would be a reliable alternative for you.


The best content management stage


WordPress has gotten one of the extraordinary open-source stages. It implies you will ready to alter the substance of the business site easily. One can rapidly eliminate or add the meaning from a business site. For example, one can undoubtedly change the cost of the administrations and items without any problem. Advancements and Discounts are as of now considered as different reasons why you should alter the substance of a site.


Ideal for the social media integration


With the assistance of WordPress, one will ready to coordinate person-to-person communication accounts into the site. It is likewise giving loads of approaches to be reached. …

Mersin Escort

Healing water of Marmaris to serve tourism



Works have been initiated to bring the healing thermal water of Muğla’s İçmeler district into the tourism sector. The water is believed to cure some women’s diseases as well as smooth wrinkles and celluloid




The healing water project aims to extend the tourism season in Marmaris to the whole year.


Thermal water from the Aegean province of Muğla’s Marmaris town is believed to heal some woman’s diseases as well as smooth out wrinkles and celluloid problems. Works have been initiated to bring this healing thermal water into the tourism sector. The goal is to extend the town’s tourism season to stretch throughout the year.


The healing water located in İçmeler and thought to be the beauty source of the demi-goddess Hamithea, will be given priority for tourism purposes.


Most shops in the town close after the tourism season comes to an end, turning Marmaris into an abandoned place, Marmaris Tourism and Environment Volunteers Group Chair Filiz Ersan said. Shop owners covered their windows with papers, but Marmaris, which is a world brand in tourism, did not deserve to see such things and should extend the season to the whole year in order to prevent them from occurring, she said.


Healing thermal water


According to Ersan, geophysics engineer Hakan Beyaz had prepared a thesis to bring the healing water into tourism use. “Fifteen academics including Beyaz and Oğuz Gündoğdu of Istanbul University have made research in the region and prepared a report in 2009. As a result of this research, it is stated in the report that this thermal water heals orthopedic, respiratory problems and some woman’s diseases,” she said.


But the report was shelved, Ersan said. “The hotels that become empty in winter will be full thanks to the …